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A solution was found to recover deleted photos from iPhone.

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Abu Dhabi: The accidental deletion of photos and then not being able to bring them back to the smartphone is no longer a nightmare, as Apple has found a solution through its smartphones.

According to a report, the iPhone has come up with several ways to do this so that the user can bring back the deleted photos. This is made possible by backups through iCloud and iTunes or special applications.

Method 1: via iTunes Backup

The iTunes application on computers is the official way to set up and manage iPhones. This means transferring files from it, updating the phone system, and backing up the phone.

You can also restore deleted photos from iPhone by restoring the phone backup for a while, but this will restore all of your phone’s data. This means that all your deleted applications, as well as all files and messages, will be returned.

You’ll also need to find a backup copy of the phone for a while, and if it doesn’t have a backup copy, it means you won’t be able to get that data back.

Method 2: Using the iCloud service

If the iPhone service provides automatic backup copies of photos, it will be possible to restore the photos.

But before you can start backing up deleted photos via the iCloud service, you need to make sure that it works by storing the photos in it before you turn it on.

In addition, you can preview all the pictures in the service on the computer. To do so, go to the iCloud website and then click on the Photos option. You can then transfer the photos to your phone by sending or copying them via iTunes.

Method 3: Photo Return Applications

With these applications, you can recover deleted photos without a backup copy. It is a practical way to restore old photos.

There are many applications that can help you recover deleted photos, including the popular ‘Doctor Phone app.

You can use this application for free, and it is considered an easy-to-use application that does not require much experience.

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